About The Office

Annapolis Endodontics specializes exclusively in the diagnosis and treatment of endodontic conditions. As one of the most experienced and reputable practices in the country, Dr. Berman, Dr. Lentz or Dr. Gupta have limited their practice to root canal treatment and other procedures involving the soft tissue located within the roots, also known as the tooth “pulp.”

For over 35 years, Annapolis Endodontics has been committed to providing the best possible treatment in a pleasant, relaxed environment. In an attempt to ease apprehension, complete procedure and treatment options are thoroughly explained and each patient’s questions are answered. Employing the latest techniques available, this practice utilizes the most advanced state-of-the-art surgical microscopes, which are found in only a few dental offices in the entire state. In addition, more accurate diagnostics are achieved using the latest in digital radiography. This reduces the patients exposure to radiation by almost 80% compared to traditional X-rays. This advanced technology translates to more precise procedures, yielding more successful results.

Root canals typically take no more than a single office visit, with the procedure lasting less than an hour under a local anesthesia. At Annapolis Endodontics, the procedure is no more traumatic than filling a cavity and generally there is little discomfort. “But the treatment does not stop there,” states Dr. Louis Berman, founder of Annapolis Endodontics. “We follow-up on every patient after treatment and work closely with their referring dentist.” Annapolis Endodontics works to ensure proper follow-up treatment for the restoration and protection of the tooth as well as the patient’s peace of mind.

Well trained in patient relations, the knowledgeable office staff works to ensure that the entire experience is as painless and easy as possible. As a convenience to their patients, the staff of Annapolis Endodontics completes all necessary forms and insurance claims, again alleviating the stress of a root canal by giving patients one less thing to worry about. As an added convenience for patient peace of mind, the practice operates under one roof and offers 24-hour emergency coverage, a service rarely found anywhere in the country.

For years, Baltimore Magazine has recognized Annapolis Endodontics as the “Best Endodontists” in the area, and most recently, this award was granted by “What’s Up Annapolis” magazine. Highly respected in their field, all three specialists lecture internationally and work to help other professionals improve their skills. All have published internationally, and Dr. Berman is the editor and contributing author for the leading endodontic academic textbook, Pathways of the Pulp. He is also the senior editor and a contributing author of a comprehensive textbook on Dental Traumatology.

High tech yet personable, the endodontists and staff of Annapolis Endodontics take the time to explain, in depth, all procedures and treatment options in a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. A comfortable environment, knowledgeable staff, and well-trained professionals combine to make the patient experience as pleasant as possible. “Our goal is to save your tooth, maximize comfort, and protect your smile.”

One office. Three specialists. Great technology. Relaxing surroundings.

At Annapolis Endodontics, patients simply can’t help but smile.