Referring Doctors

This section of this web site is designed specifically to provide information to the referring dentist about our specialty practice. Over the past several years there have been many changes in our practice. The way we perform our endodontic procedures today is very much different than the way we performed them just two or three years ago.

OUR REFERRAL BROCHURE (click to download) will help you become more familiar with some of the nuances within our practice and better acquaint you with some of the changes going on in our specialty.

We are committed to providing the best possible treatment for your patients in a relaxed, pleasant environment, utilizing the finest available techniques and equipment. We recognize the importance in providing the proper foundation for the restoration that may be planned.

Upon completion of your patient’s treatment, we will be in direct communication with you so that follow-up treatment for restoring and protecting your patient’s tooth can be planned.

Please understand that we are always available to you and your patients. If there are every any questions or comments, please let us know. Your feedback concerning your patient’s care is very important to us.

Our “Send-them-right-over” Policy

One thing that has not changed within our office over our almost 30 years of servicing our referring dentists is our “send-them-right-over” policy. When you have a patient in your office with an endodontic emergency, you want them seen right away. Annapolis Endodontics is always here for you; we look forward to seeing your patients when they are in need.

Full Time – Full Service

For any given weekday, there are almost always two endodontists in our office. Our hours are generally 8:00am to 5:00pm. We have always had, and will continue to have, a “send-the- right-over” policy when it is necessary for us to see your emergency patients. To assist you and your patients with after-hour emergencies, one of us is always on call, with a personalized answering service and paging system.

Dental Insurance

With dental insurance ever changing, and with the increased number of “managed care” patients, our specially trained staff has kept up with the pace. Our insurance coordinators and front desk personnel have years of experience. Please do not hesitate to have your staff or your patients call them regarding our participation in various provider programs. They are always willing to discuss fees and assist your patients with financial arrangements.


It is our commitment to provide endodontics using the very finest techniques and equipment. We are constantly reviewing advancements in the field in order to provide your patients with premium endodontic treatment. Listed below are a few state of the art changes that we are using in our practice.

Ultrasonic Endodontics

One of the most important requirements in performing quality endodontic procedures is the cleaning of the canal. Research has shown that using ultrasonics during canal preparation gives the finest canal debridement possible. All of our cases are treated this way.

Electronic Apex Locators

Working length determination can be quite a challenge, especially in upper molars or in areas where x-rays may be difficult to take. All of our working length determinations are verified with the finest electronic apex locators. Using this very accurate technique to determine the exact location of the apical foramen produces a more controlled canal cleaning and obturation.The concept is simple: accuracy and reduced radiation exposure to your patients.

Surgical Microscopes

One of the biggest advancements in endodontics is the use of the surgical microscope. These very elaborate devices can increase our visual-ization of an endodontic access or surgical site up to 25 times. The surgical microscopes and micro-surgical instruments allow us to be more precise than ever before thought possible, enhancing our already high rate of success in endodontics.

Surgical Advancement

Apicoectomies are the primary surgical procedure done in our office. We are one of the first endodontic offices in the country to use micro-surgical techniques for these procedures, providing superior service and predictability.

Better Techniques … Better Endodontics
Better Patient Care
That’s Our Commitment